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Used 7-seater cars for sale

Sometimes five seats just aren’t enough. If you occasionally find yourself ferrying around not just your kids but their friends too, or if you use your car for business and regularly travel with colleagues, then the extra utility of a 7-seater car could come in handy.

People-movers have been around for decades but they’ve changed significantly over the years, with the utilitarian models of yesteryear now replaced by much more comfortable and better-equipped vehicles, and some you might even call genuinely luxurious. And while traditional MPVs have slowly disappeared, 7-seat SUVs and van-based MPVs have risen in their place. There are even fully electric models now, too - and buying used can be a cost-effective way of getting behind the wheel of any of them.

Why buy a used 7-seater car?

Buying a used 7-seater car has many of the same advantages of buying any used car. Given new cars depreciate the moment they’re registered, buying used can save you thousands compared to buying a brand new car, even if the car you’re looking at has barely been driven. It’s also a good way to skip the delivery times and waiting lists on certain models.

With 7-seater cars there’s another benefit though: Greater choice. While some brands have begun to reintroduce 7-seat variants of various SUVs and converted panel vans, the market is still quite limited compared to how it was a few years back. Buying used opens up the choice of not just these multi-seat SUVs and vans, but also some of the dedicated MPVs or ‘people carriers’ that used to dominate this market, such as the SEAT Alhambra and the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso.

How do I choose the ideal used 7-seater car?

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you really do need those extra sixth and seventh seats, as depending on the model you’re considering, you may well have to pay more than you would for a five-seat car, and you might have to compromise on boot space even when the seats are stowed, since the folded seats still take up room that other vehicles may dedicate to luggage.

With that decided, then it’s a case of determining just how much space you need from those extra seats. Some seven seaters are very much ‘occasional’ in nature - offering a pair of tiny jump seats that are good for young children at a push - while others can comfortably seat seven adults, even if stowing their luggage may be a squeeze. As a rule of thumb, all but the largest 7-seat SUVs will tend to have quite small rear seats, dedicated MPVs will fit adults at the expense of boot space, while van-based 7-seaters tend to have the most seating space and cargo volume.

Electric 7-seaters are becoming more common, with van-based models including the Peugeot e-Rifter and Mercedes EQV, and SUV-style cars like the Tesla Model X and Kia EV9 all appearing in recent years. The widest choice is still combustion-powered though, covering everything from the premium-badged BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer to the van-based Ford Tourneo Custom.

Where can I find used 7-seater cars for sale?

The best way of finding a used 7-seater car is to filter your search by seat number on a car sales website. The RAC used car search tool for instance allows you to narrow down your search criteria to cars with ‘7 or more seats’, and from there you can input all the usual criteria, such as setting a budget, mileage, fuel type, colour, and other preferences. If you’re looking for a particular kind of 7-seater, you can also focus your search by body type: common body styles that offer seven seats include SUVs, MPVs or people carriers, and vans.

Limiting your search to a certain area will then help you select one or two models locally to take a look at, and you can then get in touch with either the dealer or private seller to take things from there. Don’t forget to check online buying guides for the model you’re considering, and online finance tools can be useful for working out how much the car is likely to cost too.

Basic used 7-seater car checks

It’s wise to carry out certain checks before going to view any used car, not just a 7-seater. There are some you can do from the comfort of your own home: If the car is more than three years old, then it needs an MOT, and the car’s previous MOT records can be viewed on the government’s MOT check website.

The RAC also offers a Vehicle History Check which includes not just MOT information where relevant, but also whether a car has any blots in its copybook, from outstanding finance to previous crash damage, any mileage discrepancies, plus likely running costs and a vehicle valuation. You should also get some insurance quotes to make sure you won’t be stung by hefty premiums after buying the car, and if the car is relatively new, investigate whether it’s still covered by whatever is left of the factory warranty.

When going to view a car itself, it’s always sensible to take a look around the vehicle to check for dents and paintwork imperfections, kerbed wheels, the condition of the tyres (a matching set from a reputable brand is best, as well as plenty of remaining tread), and whether the interior is still in good condition. For 7-seaters specifically, it’s a good time to see how usable those rear seats are, and how easy they are to erect and stow, if they aren’t a permanent fixture.