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Petrol power has only ever made up a relatively small proportion of the van market but it still has its place - particularly as legislation makes it ever tougher for diesel vans to meet emissions standards. Most smaller vans on the market now have a petrol option, and if you’re not yet sold on electric power, petrol models are still a top choice for lighter-duty use and urban driving, thanks to their refinement and peppy performance.

Buying a used petrol van can save thousands compared to the cost of a new model too, while still getting all the features and driveability of the very latest models. Below we explain what you need to know about petrol vans, and how best to buy a used one.

What is a petrol van?

Most vans today run on diesel, but it’s still possible to find petrol vans out there. As the name suggests, you fill these vans up with unleaded petrol, and while on the surface petrol vans don’t quite offer the economy or capabilities of their diesel counterparts, modern emission requirements, and diesel as a fuel falling from favour for lighter-duty applications, means petrol models are stealing more of the limelight.

What are the advantages of a petrol van over a diesel van?

Petrol vans are much less common than diesel vans, and you won’t often find them in heavier-duty applications, where diesel still rules on account of its durability and torque characteristics. In smaller vans though, petrol can make a lot of sense. Modern petrol vans are mostly turbocharged so have more low-down pull than they used to, closing the gap to diesel performance, but they tend to be much more refined, both quieter and smoother than the equivalent diesel.

They can also be quite economical, and around town where diesels can rarely operate at their most efficient point, the gap in economy between the two fuels is fairly small. Longer-term, modern petrols may require less extensive maintenance than diesels too - things like particulate filters came in later, they don’t need AdBlue top-ups, and their emissions systems aren’t as complex. Cities like London are also stricter on emissions requirements for diesel than for petrol, so a petrol van is likely to remain ULEZ legal for longer than a diesel one.

Why buy a used petrol van?

Buying used has the same advantage it does with cars: thanks to depreciation, a new van can lose thousands of pounds in just the first year or two of its life, something you can take advantage of as a used buyer to find a bargain. The trade-off is that you may have a year or two less warranty than with a brand new van, but buy wisely and the initial savings will more than make up for this. As petrol vans are less likely to cover big mileage than some diesels, you may find a used van isn’t quite as tired as a diesel model either.

How do I choose the ideal used petrol van?

If you’re looking for a large, heavy-duty van, then you’re pretty much limited to diesel, as it’s still the fuel of choice for more intensive applications. When it comes to smaller vans though, you’ve got a lot more choice, so you first need to decide what exactly you need from a van - perhaps something car-based will do the job, so vehicles like the petrol (hybrid) Toyota Corolla Commercial or the off-road-ready Suzuki Jimny Commercial, or maybe a more traditional panel van, in which case models like the Renault Kangoo and Ford Transit Courier come with petrol options. Many will give you a choice of manual and automatic gearboxes too, the latter potentially useful if you spend a lot of time in traffic.

Where can I find used petrol vans for sale?

The best place to start when searching for a used petrol van is one of the many online used vehicle search platforms. Most of these will let you choose between vans and cars, and then further restrict your search by fuel type - so homing in on petrol vans should be pretty simple. Most local van dealerships should have a variety to choose from, as will dedicated van specialists, while private sellers, small businesses and large fleet sales are other places to search.

Basic used petrol van checks

Running a history check is always a good place to start when shopping for a used van, to ensure there are no records of any accidents, outstanding finance, or if the van is old enough, concerning MOT advisories. Otherwise, you’ll want to inspect the van in person if possible, ensuring it’s in generally good shape inside and out, and that it runs and drives as advertised.